Frequently asked questions (FAQ'S)

Below are the most popular questions we are asked. We hope your question is featured. If not please contact us and we will be happy to help.

We make websites for all kinds of businesses, be it small start-ups or large corporations. Non-profits, Business to Business and Business to Consumer websites are also made. The theme of the business could be anything, ranging from technology to arts. This would include food, clothing, health and beauty, camps, travel, finance, and far-trade as well. We indulge ourselves in all sectors to improve customer service, market the products in an efficient way, and attract more potential customers through our services.

We provide one month of support after the launch of the website. This support is free and would include all bug fixes and minor graphical modifications to the website.

Yes. We provide a lot of services apart from Web Designing and Development. We have an entire team of Graphic Designers who design Logos, Business Cards, InfoGraphics, Magazine Adverts, and E-Mail templates. We also have an entire team of web developers who provide technical support and are well-experienced to provide all kinds of services related to Internet or Intranet-based websites and systems, including Digital Marketing services. We can also design your websites to your requirements.

Everything lives online today. Websites have proven themselves to be an effective way of marketing. More importantly, they are cheaper than Regional or Network Radio, TV advertising, or advertisements in National Magazines. They also have a global reach, giving your business an opportunity to provide services to clients all over the world.

We help you maintain your website by providing you with small security updates, support for plugins, upgrading your website, upgrading the theme of the website, providing the option for phone and chat support, and we also provide you with an overall monthly report of the running of the website. This comes at a cost, however, and the fee for the maintenance is charged monthly.

Since we have clients all over the world, it is difficult to set up meetings. However, there is no requirement of the meeting. All matters could be discussed over the phone, skype, and email. The work in progress would be uploaded to a private website that you would have full access to. This website will not be made public until all requirements are met, as specified by you.

We do not outsource our work to smaller companies. The entire process will be overseen by our team leader, who you will be in contact with over email or phone to keep you up to pace with every step of the progress.

We create all websites keeping in mind the SEO guidelines. However, these rules and regulations are updated from time to time and you should get your website re-evaluated on a regular basis so that we can make the appropriate changes to include in the new regulations.

The deposit before the start of the project is 50%. After that, the design would be created for the website, post which you would have to pay 25% of the whole payment. The programming for the project would begin then after and before the website is launched, the remaining 25% will have to be paid. The website will then be scheduled for launch.

Yes. We have clients all over the world and our global reach helps us to understand the needs of our clients from different backgrounds.

Contact us and discuss your requirements. In the first free meeting, we will guide you properly to what design would suit your requirements. From our discussions, we will provide you with two options. Either we will create your website inherited from an already successful design template, or we would design an entirely new template for your website.

The cost of a project can vary depending upon the needs of our clients. However, to provide you with a general idea, the cost for setting up a basic business website is around $2500 but this cost could vary within a wide range depending on what elements you require in your website.

Again, this is a subjective question. The time taken for creating a website depends upon the needs of the projects. Usually, for a standard website, it takes our team around 25 days to complete a project. For an e-commerce website, our team takes around 60 days to complete a project. The time to create a website increases with the complexity of the website.

We use the open-source Content Management System (CMS) to build all our websites.

No, unfortunately, we have a policy that we only support the websites that have been built by us. This policy helps us provide you with an assurance of the quality of the final product. If our programmers alter the code of your website developed by someone else, there arises an issue of liability in case you run into problems in the future.

Yes, we provide services for copywriting and editing, which is included in all our proposals at the time of discussion. We also help you build a sitemap for your website and structure its foundation.

Yes, we provide additional services that help you source stock pictures from various websites on the internet. However, we also have photographers and videographers to custom produce pictures and videos exclusively for your website.

The website belongs entirely to you. All the content is 100% yours. Our team provides a homely environment and effortless maintenance of your websites which is why most of our clients choose to stay with us throughout the lifetime of the website that we created for them. However, if you ever wish to take your website to another firm, we assure you an efficient and convenient transition so that you do not have any problems from our side. After all the content is all yours, you have your freedom to take your website anywhere you want.

Our charges are below the national and regional average of the charges of creation of websites. In spite of our low costs, we assure you that we do not compromise on quality. All members of our team are well-qualified and well-experienced so that you receive only the best of everything. The education required to become a web designer is pretty much similar to architecture but unlike architects, web designers do not get accredited. They spend well over $200,000 on education but today it has become easier for anyone to learn a few things about web designing and development from the internet and call themselves a web designer. We make sure that we hire only those people who have a proper degree in web designing and development and have a good experience in the field as well.

There are two parts of any website, namely, the front end and the back end. The front end includes all the gimmicks that make your website look appealing to the eyes. This is known as web design. However, the real action is actually taking place on the back end, which controls all the functionality of the website. The part that makes the website work is known as web development.

Responsive Design is an approach that allows the design and development to adjust itself according to the user. Essentially, it adjusts the design and development according to the user’s screen size, orientation, and platform. A user accesses the same content on the website using different devices, like mobile, laptop, tablet, desktop, etc., and the website adjusts itself to suit the needs of the user. This is known as Responsive Design and is made possible using CSS3.

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Our Company carries all the copyrights for the design. When the payment is made in full, we transfer the copyrights to you. However, for promotional purposes only, we might use the design from time to time.

The clients for Graphic Designing are charged by the hour. Like our Web Design and Development team, our Graphics team is also well-trained. In spite of this fact, our charges are lower than many of our competitors. We charge $35 per hour for a typical project. However, if the project is a small or a medium setup, we charge a total $100. If there is a change required to some previous work, something that can be done within 5-10 minutes, we charge a minimum fee of $20.

We provide eps (vector), jpeg, and png. This wide range of extensions gives room to our logo design to be used in the whole stationary, like business cards, letterheads, envelopes, brochure design, websites, graphics for websites, direct mail designs, e-mail marketing, mailing labels, presentations, etc.

As a client, your role is the most important one. We listen to all your suggestions and make your design accordingly. We encourage you to provide us with a basic idea of what you want from us, different color combinations that you might prefer, or a different style that is inclined more towards your liking. All our designs would have to be pre-approved by you before they are sent to you. You decide whether the design is okay or not. However, once the design process begins, you cannot discontinue it mid-way. In the end, we provide you with a completed design in any format that you prefer.

Social medias like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter require a profile picture and a cover picture. Others like Instagram and Pinterest require only one picture as a display picture. We provide you the facility to create these pictures in the best way possible that would be in line with your brand design and color scheme.

Today, everyone researches a product before making a purchase. The one most convenient stop to research is online by reading reviews. If you use SEO for your website, there is a better chance of being seen by your customers. According to a study conducted by Forbes, more than half of today’s businesses are using SEO to better market their product. The odds of your competitor using SEO are great so it is better to be armed with your own weapons as well.

This depends upon your marketing plan. Typically, it can take up to 2 or 3 months before a website is ranked. This also depends upon the types of businesses, campaign goals, and your content. Our marketing professionals will provide you with a better idea as to when can you expect significant results before the beginning of your campaign.

Content marketing is a modern approach that defies all rules of traditional marketing. Unlike traditional marketing, content marketing does not maintain a focus on the company or the products but keeps a focus on the needs of the consumer. When a company adopts content marketing as a strategy for marketing, it offers genuinely helpful information to the customer for free. This sets into motion the wheels of a new friendship between the customer and the company. Building the trust of the customer is the main objective and once the customer trusts your company, they would prefer to make a purchase.

Everyone lives online today and every business is preferred to have an online presence. This is made easier by social media. Today, every reputed corporation or business is expected to have social media accounts so that the customer can interact with the business in a comfortable way. Social media also serves as a great marketing tool to promote your business or to promote your campaigns.

Social media has a very prominent feature of fans or followers. The higher the number of fans, the wider is the reach of your social media account. This wider reach helps generate more traffic and in turn brings more potential customers to your website.

While all social media platforms may promote that the use of social media is free, you should understand that social media management requires you to put in your time. This means that either you invest your own time, hire a social media employee, or outsource the job to a marketing firm, but there is always a cost when it comes to social media marketing. The objective behind this investment is to get the maximum return on investment. However, you should also understand that return on investment does not always mean monetary returns. Sometimes a good return of investment can be in the form of e-mail subscriptions, new leads, or an overall increased customer satisfaction.

When a person hears the word content, blogs are the first thing that comes to the mind. While blogs are the easiest way to deliver content to the customer, they are not the only way to content marketing. Content marketing includes info graphics, slide shares, webinars, PDFs, videos, articles, podcasts, e-books, etc. Basically, anything that can deliver information to the customer for free would come under content.

Many people start writing blogs in an effort to create a following. However, in today’s day and age, everyone knows how to create a blog and there are bloggers everywhere. In order to create a successful campaign, the first step is to create a strategy to promote you. Otherwise, the time spent into developing content would be a waste.

The first step is to know your audience. This means that you should know what kind of people you wish to target with your content. Second, decide on your company’s voice on the topic of content. This would be in cahoots with your company’s brand image and persona of your targeted demographic. Produce your content. This is the main step and the one you should be most careful about as this would decide the level of engagement of your client. Your content needs to be valuable and informative. At the end, with each post, you will know where to improve and constant tweaking of your strategy would take your content to higher standards.

Yes and no. You don’t have to keep adding new content but there are ways to utilize the same content over a period of time. For example, suppose you collect information for an e-book. First, you can publish the e-book as it is. Then, you can use some of the chapters as individual blogs. Further, you can conduct a questionnaire if you feel that your customers are interacting with your content. You can also publish the statistics that you have used in the e-book as an info-graph. Finally, you can conduct a webinar to discuss the ideas within your e-book. This way, the content that you researched for the e-book can be used in multiple forms to connect with different types of customers. Some may prefer only reading the e-book while others may find it interesting discussing the ideas in the e-book.

Our company uses a single, dedicated CENTOS server which we upgrade yearly. This helps us keep up with the times and provide services that are fairly new. We upgrade our servers regularly, feel free to contact us for more information.

Yes. We provide options for backup on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. All data is backed up on a third-party secure server and a restore point is set for each backup. We also provide a full restore of your website at no additional cost which usually takes around one hour to complete.

We offer two packages at the lowest possible cost that we can offer. For a non-e-commerce website, the cost comes out around $200 per year and for an e-commerce website, there is an additional cost of $200 per year. The hosting packages are un-metered, which means that your website can support large amounts of traffic without any additional costs. However, some websites generate enough traffic to require an independent server of their own. In such a case, we provide any sort of service that might be required. 

Yes. We provide a one-time free copy of the backup to you. However, if ever you need additional copies of the backups, they would come at a cost of $70 per backup.

At an average, our company promises an uptime of 99.9%. When there is a requirement of server maintenance or website upgrades, our team makes sure to schedule the upgrades and maintenance during off-peak and off-hour times. This helps in keeping your website running in an apparent ‘always’ phase for your customers.

Yes, our company makes sure to provide you with all your web site-based needs under one roof. We provide our customers the facility to have IMAP, web mail and exchange e-mail protocols that are incorporated in the domain name of the website itself. From the beginning to the end, we will provide support to help you set up your mailboxes.

Regrettably, we do not refund any fee for any possible reason.

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