"Creating a landing page has never been so simple.
Our dedicated team makes constructing your page creative and intuitive."

"We leverage technology & experience to innovate new solutions catering the unique needs of our clients. With a commitment to quality & focus, our solutions are unsurpassed and abreast with the trend."

A Qualitative & Creative approach for your online presence.

Les Créatifs Studio has been designing and building custom websites for businesses for the last few years. We help clients develop their business through compelling marketing and websites strategies. We adore what we do and we cherish helping others succeed at what they want to do. We are a team of web design and web development experts who adore joining forces with great people and businesses to help them make online progress.

We are parents, painters, musicians, photographers, athletes, and more. Our changed backgrounds help unite a charming, one of a kind experience for our clients. We work all the live long day focused on sharpening our crafts and conveying all that we have to the table for our clients. We make custom, useful websites focused on converting your clients into customers.

At last, your success is our success. Every last one of us cherishes what we do and we feel that soul helps translate into the quality of our work. Working with clients who cherish their work consolidates into a fun, superb partnership for everybody included.

4 Ways To Improve Your Busines's Technology

Our Business is about technology. Yes, but it is also about operations and customer relationships.


Our Strategy

Working an alteration of proved and tested groundwork performance and workshop of the brand, we take apart your brand and evaluate your aimed market to help decide your brand game plan and seat in the Mega corp.


Les Créatifs Studi develop a systematic brand which includes Typography, Illustration, Photography, Iconography and everything else that you need to stand out from the crowd.

Our Technology

Les Créatifs Studio breathes and lives in the Chiliad generation, so we always design with digital in mind. We work with the best web developers and digital innovators to convey a brand experience that is logical across all platforms.

Voice Tone

You remember how we were dwelling on about Personality previously? Well determining your Tone of Voice and a stable Messaging Platform is a good way to make sure you have tonnes of character that resonate with your believers.

Who Are We, Why Us And What We Do

Compellingly cultivate world-class imperatives whereas stand-alone testing procedures.

We cater you with a fine assortment of services that are critical for boosting your online presence or launch to the virtual space.

With our focus on qualitative and innovative solutions, we offer you bespoke results utilizing the latest tools and techniques of digital marketing. We are a one point solution for all your digital marketing needs well equipped with latest tools and technology. With us, you deal with a creative & Innovative team of professionals committed to best quality results & 100% satisfaction

Les Créatifs Studios is a one point solution for all your digital marketing needs. We are a team of expert professionals certified to deliver paramount solutions for design, development, branding & marketing.

With years of experience, we have honed ourselves to be the most adaptive and advanced online digital marketing firm. Our creative and youthful approach towards our services makes us unique and innovative in delivering results that have cleared the tests of time. We are the best digital partners that you need to make an outstanding online presence aligned with your goals of expansion and prosperity.

We cater you with creative ideas to make your digital presence more powerful, unique and approaching. Our solutions support your ideas and help you convey your message to your customers.

In this monotonous and competitive virtual environment, we help you stand out of the crowd with an innovatively carved web design, strategically developed web applications, creatively positioned branding and advantageously planned digital marketing plans. We ensure that you have the best approach to digital marketing and assist you with latest tools and techniques guaranteeing a competitive advantage. For your business to be a complete success we understand your business goals and offer you identical digital solutions.


A full-service digital agency approach to growing your business online.

Meet The GUY Behind Creativity

Compellingly cultivate world-class imperatives whereas stand-alone testing procedures.

Baljeet Singh

Creative Director

Baljeet Singh


Baljeet Singh founded Les Créatifs Studio with a vision to create a multi-disciplinary design studio that combines the skills and expertise of a traditional agency, with the youthful energy of a more forward thinking demographic. Baljeet is enthusiastic to nurturing creative concepts that stand the test of time. He Founded Les Créatifs Studio with the intentions of bringing creative flair and bold enthusiasm to what can be a monotonous industry by challenging perceptions and helping to build the brands of the future through bold execution of the concept.

  • Creativity
  • Aesthetics
  • Analysis


Design, Develope & Maintain your online presence with ‘fineness’.

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